March 2017 Vlog

March 2017 Recap with Sheena & the City

I’m SUPER behind on editing my monthly YouTube videos – which is why you’re reading about my March 2017 Vlog at the end of May. But it’s better late than never, right?

I’ve been trying to challenge myself with these videos by learning how to do something new each time. For March, I learned how to add photos and move them around (probably sounds really simple and maybe it is as easy as it sounds but I definitely struggled).

The first week of March, I visited Spoke and Weal to get my first color treatment ever (seen in the above photo)! HUGE shout out goes to Demi for walking me through the whole process. We decided to do a very light balayage (still unsure about how to pronounce this word) that would mostly frame the face and then fade back. Since I’ve never colored my hair before, I was nervous to do anything too dramatic and I also wanted to stay away from my roots so I could easily grow the color out. I loved how it turned out. My hair naturally has a bunch of different shades so it’s hard for some people to tell the difference but I definitely see it and I think it was the perfect choice for my first time!

March 2017 Recap with Sheena & the City

Ali and I caught a live taping of the NPR podcast Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! This podcast is one of my favorites for catching up on worldly (and random) news. I’ve talked about this show in the past because it helped get me through long commutes while trying not to laugh out loud. It’s seriously hilarious and it was so cool to actually put faces to names and voices at the live taping.

March 2017 Recap with Sheena & the CityI visited The Hampton Social for the first time with my favorite work friends and enjoyed some rose and (surprisingly really good) mushroom pizza. I’ve been back multiple times ever since (don’t judge).

March 2017 Recap with Sheena and the City

Windy City Bloggers hosted a blogger brunch at Davanti Enoteca and it was everything! Every single thing we ordered off the brunch menu was DELICIOUS and I’m dying to go back ASAP!

The Lumineers

And the last highlight of March was driving up to Wisconsin with Ali to catch The Lumineers Cleopatra concert! This might be the second best concert I’ve ever been to. It was beautiful and personal and intimate. They created a stage in the middle of the venue so that the audience would feel more like the living room venues they started out playing in. They told stories and shared the background to many of the songs on the album. And they sound AMAZING live!

You can check out the video recap here.


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